ZIGZAG was originally put on the market in 1996. Almost twenty years later its re-launch introduces a series of novelties to the original project. The shelf's zig-zag shaped structure is as simple and fresh today and remains untouched. However, we took advantage of changes in technology and taste to update both manufacturing and material trim. A palette of new colours for the metal work - black, white, bronze and polished stainless steel - is complemented by two kinds of wooden shelves, oak and American walnut. The clip-on bookends are available in matching colours to all other metal parts or veneered in the same woods as the shelves. An additional, fluorescent red colour is reminiscent of the orange bookends of the 1996 original. ZIGZAG comes in two heights and is assembled without any tools.

"When you see the ZIGZAG shelves you see that Konstantin was just trying to work something out; it’s old-fashioned in that way. It’s a piece of old-fashioned design and a very thoughtful design: the coincidence of idea, technology and the tectonic. It’s a real piece of furniture making."
David Chipperfield

Project assistants: Ascan Mergenthaler (1996) and Sami Ayadi (KGID)
Producer: Driade