Our contribution to the 2016 London Design Biennale uses a quote by John Malkovich as its title: “Utopia is elsewhere”. The project draws on the fact that there are just a few recurring situations, which allow people across all cultures and ages to wander off into a similar state of daydreaming: sitting in front of a fire and gazing into the flames; lying in the grass and looking into the sky; looking out to sea watching the breaking waves.

Divided into two spaces the installations begins with the John Malkovich quote, which is set in classic typography on an outsized easel in a brilliant white space. In an ancillary, darkened room you can sit in comfortable chairs in contemplation around a flickering, hypnotic digital fire, so as to encourage your mind to drift off 'elsewhere'. This is intended to encourage collective dreaming and evoke humanity's primordial fantasy of a better world.

Project assistant: Olivia Herms (KGID)
Client: Design Biennale London