Three years ago the Tom and Jerry stools started The Wild Bunch collection. In the meantime two different tables (Butch and Topsy) and the shelving system (Tyke) have been added. Finally, we introduced a chair to the family. TUFFY is based on the original Tom & Jerry stools, using the same nylon spindle for height adjustment. The chair has four legs (instead of the stool´s three) and a T-shaped backrest, which is made in gas injected plastic to provide comfortable resilience. TUFFY is a versatile chair which can be imagined at the studio/office, in schools, at a lunch café, around the kitchen table or the child´s bedroom. Seat and legs are made in solid beech, the plastic parts are available in the typical colours of The Wild Bunch - black, white, orange and blue.

Project assistant: Jan Heinzmann (KGID)
Producer: Magis