For the occasion of design miami/basel 2014, Audi commissioned us to design a presentation of their brand new third generation Audi TT coupé. I conceived the TT PAVILION as a small polygonal building in wood and aluminum. With a reference to the new-generation Audi TT, the pavilion incorporates seven original TT hatchback doors as wing-like entrances. I think of the Audi TT as a car which you drive from the city out for a tour of the countryside. My resonse to this experience is a small building that symbolizes the remote destination of such a drive. Conceptually, I was interested in applying the high technology used in automotive manufacturing to an architectural context. I consider cars to be very sophisticated industrially produced pieces of architectures. They not only provide a protective shelter but also are perfectly equipped functional spaces for working, communicating, eating and relaxing. The free-standing TT-PAVILION is pre-fabricated and mounted on adjustable pylons, allowing it to be installed in even the most imponderable terrain."

Project assistants: Jan Heinzelmann & Sami Ayadi (KGID)
Producer: Audi AG