The "Chaise A" by French company Tolix is an icon in the history of chairs. Made in sheet metal and tube it combines lightness and strength, industrial esthetics and craftsmanship. When Tolix invited my office to create an object based on the model A, it was absolutely clear to us that, whatever we do, it mustn´t be a chair. Charlotte Talbot, my assistant, came up with the construction of a large vessel made of the chair´s sheet metal spine (in Tolix lingo referred to as "Palmette"). 14 x Plamettes determined the size and shape of the bucket. The object couldn´t have been made without the chair, yet, it doesn´t pander to it. It is simply a large bucket made from sheet metal and tube at the Tolix factory.

Project assistant: Charlotte Talbot (KGID)
Producer: Tolix