When Michael Maharam (Maharam textiles) started us thinking about a new collection of bags, THREE bag was the very first design we did. We didn´t really design it, we just made it on the old Singer sewing machine in the office. The very direct, hands-on approach surely informed the bag´s straight forward construction. THREE bag is made from waxed, water-repellent cotton canvas with contrasting nylon trim. It comes in two sizes (medium and large), and three different color combinations (Amber/Neon, Vellum/Neon, Indigo/Black).

The experience of THREE bag led to the idea of creating soft geodesic structures, which became FRAME bag. A lattice of black webbing creates an outer framework for the actual bag, which is made of tissue thin synthetic material. FRAME is made of ripstop nylon (orange/Safety or blue/Indigo) with black webbing lattice and a durable vinyl base.

Project assistants: Alexander Löhr, Jan Heinzelmann, Pauline Deltour, Jerome Nelet, Olivia Herms.
Producer: Maharam