This project originates in an ideas workshop organized by Stylepark and Merten GmbH, inquiring into the future of domestic switches.

The simplest adjustment to Merten’s catalogue is the addition of a circular light switch to the square socket system. With a minor investment the circular light switch adds a spot of diversity to the existing square outlets. The distinction gives each function its own form; square outlets, circular switches. Creating diversity in such a place enriches all the products, giving those that used to look alike theri own identity.

A fork and knife both belong to the dinner table, however both maintain their separate function and respective form. Their forms tell us what we can do with them - lift and cut. The distinction between light switch and socket will now allow us to recognize each as individual pieces in a larger system of electrical management.

Project assistant: Jonathan Olivares (KGID)
Producer: Merten
Workshop supervision: Stylepark