I wasn’t convinced it could work: to take the geometry of a plywood seat shell and turn it into a plastic injection moulding. Both materials couldn’t be more different. While plywood lamination imposes a lot of restraints on the shape of the shell, plastic injection moulding allows for great formal freedom. After long discussions and careful evaluations we decided to try it - and succeeded, which proofs an interesting point: Thanks to the “unorthodox” transition from a wooden chair to a plastic one, we have unintentionally created a simple and beautiful plastic chair - one that we would never have done otherwise. There is now a REMO plywood chair and a REMO plastic chair. Both types stand on their own merits, which means that they cater for very different uses. While the plywood version is the more sophisticated and elegant chair, its plastic relative offers a more economical, more resilient (for public use) alternative, which can, above all, be used outdoors.
The REMO plastic chair comes in twelve new colours. The tubular frame is either chromed or zinc plated (for outdoors).

Project assistant: Sami Ayadi (KGID)
Producer: Plank