Eigelstein 115 is a building in the centre of Cologne that was slotted into the narrow gap between two existing structures. Its width is only 2.47m. Every year the communications agency Rendel & Spitz, who occupies the ground floor, clear out their offices for one week in January and invite designers such as Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Ross Lovegrove, Timo Salli, Johanna Grawunder and myself to react to the space with an intervention or piece of work. I decided that rather than making something small and narrow for the small and narrow space, I‘d impose something huge in order to prove that the dimensions of the space, if turned into a positive volume, would be perceived as large. I commissioned an inflatable ballon, which had the exact diameter of the building´s section. Visitors had to push the balloon down the length of the space from front to back and back again, which was immense fun.

Project assistant: Juliane Witte (KGID)
Commissioned by: Rendel & Spitz