The so-called "Mirror Test" is used by neurologists to examine the self-awareness of animals based on whether or not they can recognize themselves in a mirror. Among the ‘lesser’ creatures the great apes, dolphins, elephants, and rats are the only ones confirmed to recognize the image in the mirror as themselves.
Dogs have been ruled complete failures at self-awareness which can be explained by the simple fact that they are relying primarily on senses other than sight. Having said this, there is a group of poodle owners gathering in respective internet forums who fervidly disagree with this assumption. They claim that their poodles are reacting positively to mirrors and displaying unmistakable signs of self-awareness. If this is true, it would perfectly underline two quality characteristics about poodles: that they are notoriously finicky about their looks, and that they are highly intelligent.

PARAMOUNT forms part of Architecture For Dogs, which is a Tokyo based project initiated by Kenya Hara.
Please check the project webiste to explore other design proposals by Atelier Bow Wow, Kazuyo Sejima, Sou Fujimoto, Shigeru Ban etc. The website offers free construction blueprints to download for you and your dog.

Project assistant: Charlotte Talbot (KGID)
Producer: Architecture For Dogs