PANORAMA at the the Vitra Design Museum has been the most comprehensive solo exhibition of my work to date.
The show included several large-scale installations, rendering my personal visions for life in the future: a home interior, a design studio and an urban environment. These spaces were staging fictional scenarios confronting the viewer with my inspirations, challenges and questions, as well as placing my work in a greater social context. The highlight of these presentations was a 30-metre long panorama (conceived in collaboration with artist Neil Campbell Ross) that depicts an architectural landscape of the future.
A fourth area of the exhibition took a focused look at my office’s daily work. This section presented many finished products, but also prototypes, drawings and background information along with artefacts that have inspired me – from an old teapot and an early Apple computer to works by Marcel Duchamp, Gerrit Rietveld and Enzo Mari. In the shift of perspectives between larger and smaller scales, the exhibition demonstrated how design is more than mere problem solving, but a highly complex process that integrates coincidences, ruptures, chance discoveries and a profound engagement with the visual culture of our time.

Project leader: Friederike Daumiller (freelance)
Project assistants: Hisham Almannai, Sami Ayadi, Alexandra Fürstenhagen, Jan Heinzelmann, Olivia Herms, Charlotte Talbot, Isabel Schurgacz.
Client: Vitra Design Museum
Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany, 22.03. – 14.09.2015