„Piastrelle“, ceramic tiles! Working on my first collection for Mutina, I began to appreciate the beauty of this ancient and simple craft. A piece of clay which becomes a floor, a wall. The idea that matter is made out of discrete units is a fundamental one. It is as much a philosophical concept as a biological fact. The ceramic tile represents just that: a small unit which, once multiplied, turns into something larger than the sum of its parts.
NUMI is a collection of square tiles in two sizes (30x30cm and 60x60cm) and six colors. Each of the six is partially glazed with a different geometric form. In multiplication, these forms create a pattern which magnifies into architecture. The smaller NUMINI (5x5cm) are based on the same principle but feature a relief pattern instead of glazing.

Project assistant: Caroline Perret (KGID)
Producer: Mutina