We often find objects and rituals in our everyday lives that appear self-evident, but would have been barely comprehensible a short time ago: A smartphone on a desk seems hardly remarkable to us today but this flat object would represent an inexplicable enigma for viewers from the past. In this way, our respective new realities are repeatedly changed by objects as well as the behaviours attached to them, and our lives are constantly transformed by their use and their increasing everyday nature.

For the exhibition I have created installations in which my own design objects interact with materials and everyday objects of our present. These so-called “NEW NORMALS” refer to a future in which other constellations of living and working together are tested and confront the viewers with their own ideas of utopian and dystopian futures.

Curators: Anna Himmelsbach, Ludwig Engel, Konstantin Grcic
Project assistants: Marie Kurstjens, Tobias Trübenbacher
Client: Haus am Waldsee, Berlin