In 2010 Nespresso created an exclusive new sailing regatta for Maxi racing yachts by Wally: the NESPRESSO CUP. Inspired by their shared passion for creative innovation, cutting-edge design and new technology Nespresso and Wally seemed a perfect partnership for such a premier event.
I was commissioned to design two kinds of trophies: the main trophy for the overall winner, a challenge cup, and a (smaller) trophy for winners of the individual Wally Class races. Before I started sketching I was looking for any kind of information that would help me understand the specific world of yacht racing: what is its history, who are the people involed, what are the boats, the places. Studying the structures and functionalities of high performance yachts and exploring their usage of particular types of materials formed as much part of my design considerations as observing how athletes would pose with their winning trohy. Ultimately, the design of the NESPRESSO CUP was driven by the same essential elements as competitive sailing: performance, precision, excellence.

Project assistant: Sami Ayadi (KGID)