In 2004 curator Didier Krzentowsky invited me to make a work for 'Missing Object', an exhibition at his gallery in Paris. A short text by Christian Schlatter provided the creative framework for the project. According to Schlatter, the Latin root of the word ‘object’ means something that is thrown in one’s way - a definition containing an inherent violence that I found intriguing. The 'missing object' would thus be something that had a strong physical presence, while at the same time being absent (missing). I was immediately attracted by this beautiful thought, but paralysed by what it would mean actually to design such an ambitious object. The result is a solid block of oak with two excavated handles. The purity of the wood, its weight and raw beauty, define its intense physical power. The carefully thought-out proportions of the wooden block and its two handles give the object the enigmatic charm of something that appears legible but whose purpose remains mysterious.

MISSING OBJECT is made as a limited edition by Galerie Kreo

Project assistant: Saskia Groenewolt (KGID)