The MAGLIANA furniture project was created for “Privato Romano Interno” (PRI), a program which commissions designers to develop interior related projects in response to specific architectural buildings in Rome. PRI is curated by Emanuela Nobile Mino.

My project is based on a small pavilion by architect Pier Luigi Nervi (1899-1965) in the southern outskirts of Rome. Constructed just after WW2 the 21 x 10,5m Magliana pavilion represents Nervi’s earliest experimentations with metal reinforced concrete. In the same year as he built the pavilion, Nervi patented his technique (ferro-cemento), which was to become the key signature of his architectural practice.

Inspired by Nervi's pavilion I designed a large table and lamps using glass fibre reinforced cement (Ductal®). The MAGLIANA table has a 3.6m long tabletop that is supported by 6 'pylons' (legs). Every pylon has a conical base with wing-like seats cantilevering off to either side and a thin neck propping up the tabletop. A stainless steel joint creates an articulated lock between pylon and tabletop. The pendant lamps that are also made of moulded Ductal® have LEDs integrated in the horizontal ring. When the light is switched on, the LEDs illuminate an acrylic disc that is held inside that ring. It then emits light up and down. The disc turns clear when switched off.

On May 26th 2017, we were able to install a 10.8m long table and 4 lamps at the Magliana pavilion for one short day (see images).

The MAGLIANA project was produced by Galleria Giustini/Stagetti in Rome. The realization of the concrete elements would not have been possible without the support of architect/engineer Silvia La Pergola.

Project assistant: Sami Ayadi (KGID)
Engineering: Silvia La Pergola
Manufacturing: Il Cantiere
Producer: Galleria Giustini/Stagetti