Think of London and the Routemaster Bus. The iconic red double-decker with its open rear platform that allowed you to hop on and off anywhere it stopped. When I lived in London in the early 90’s, the old Routemasters were still in service. They had a narrow spiral staircase at their back which connected the lower and the upper deck. I vividly remember countless travels across town, sitting upstairs in the front row, and watching London’s big city lights as they passed by below me.

Of course, LONDON CALLING is not about bus travel. However, the title evokes fond memories I have for the city I once lived in. LONDON CALLING are spiral-shaped library steps. Five steps that take you to a height of 90cm, in a half circle around their central pole. The stairs are made of solid oak. They are constructed to be freestanding, and mobile.

Project assistant: Jan Heinzelmann (KGID)
Producer: Galerie kreo