The concept of the show L'IMMAGINAZIONE AL POTERE was to establish a connection between the material invention of Alcantara (sponsor of the exhibition) and the works of four visionary architects: Sergio Musmeci, Giuseppe Perugini, Maurizio Sacripanti and Bernard Khoury. While the first three are representatives of an optimistic post-war period in Italy, Khoury is a contemporary architect, who lives and works in war-torn Beirut/Lebanon.

The invention of Alcantara, a synthetic material to substitute leather on an industrial scale, falls into the exact same time as the creative period of Musmeci, Perugini and Scaripanti. The common denominator between all five protagonists of the show is an optimistic approach to technological changes and a vision to shape a positive future.

The central part of the exhibition takes the form of a spatial installation, which deliberately breaks with the convention of a museum presentation. The visitor is confronted with a life-size billboard showing the monumental image of an architectural utopia. The billboard picture, which was created especially for the exhibition by Yemenite matte painter Najeeb Alnajjar, merges the architectural works of the protagonists into a speculative landscape collage of the future.

Project assistants: Simon Frambach, Pascal Hien, Luisa Kahlfeldt (all KG-Design)
Matte Painting: Najeeb Alnajjar
Client: MAXXI Rome & Alcantara