KARBON is produced as a limited edition for Galerie Kreo in Paris.
The project exploits the structural possibilities of carbon fibre, creating an object that combines the element of high-tech with that of the hand crafted. I was intersted in achieving an extreme aesthetic which could only be realized using composite materials. The slight deflexion in the large surface, suspended only by four very thin legs, creates a visual fragility which seems to defy any experience of gravity.

"The KARBON long chair is tempestuous, perhaps even offensive. Here, we will find no calming orthogonality and the succession of straight lines is too curved to rest our eyes. The softness of the lines of the seat is endlessly troubling in its (supposed) submission to the laws of gravity. In its opposition to straight lines and to the deviant axis of the backrest, the chaise longue becomes an equivocal object. The rigidity that retains the memory of a certain suppleness (not without a certain rigor mortis), expresses a strange strength, an authority: it presents a type of threat, straight and precise. (...) KARBON is a resting place for warriors".
(Excerpt from a text by design critic and writer Pierre Doze, published in "GALERIE KREO, Sixteen New Pieces / A New Place", Archibooks 2008)

Project assistant: Sami Ayadi (KGID)
Producer: Galerie Kreo
Technical consultant: Cem Koeylueer