IN PERIFERIA is the title of a colour printed silk scarf edited by Filed Under /
The motif is based on a photo I took at the "Padiglione alla Magliana", a beautiful small building designed by the Roman architect Pier Luigi Nervi in 1945. It is Nervi´s first building in ferro-cemento, a technique for free forming reinforced concrete, which later became the distinctive signature of his work.
The pavilion, which is located in Rome´s suburban periphery, is nowadays occupied by a large parking lot. In order to prevent damages from cars reversing into the fragile skin of the building, the owners have placed a series of used tyres against its facade.

"This paradoxical, and still touching, sense of apprehension and protection, is reported by Grcic in his photo portrait of one of the tyres that he decided to replicate on the scarf as a repeated pattern: the sequence of the revolved image makes the tyre appear moving along the silk surface, as an animated picture."
Quote taken from a text by art critic/curator Emanuela Nobile Mino.

Filed Under is a project created by Annahita Kamali and Florian Böhm. The scarf is hand made in a limited edition of 100.
It can be purchased directly through Filed Under /
Printed on Twill 100% Silk, 110g/sqm
Size: 130 X 107 cm

Producer: Filed Under /