Dating back to circa 4.000 BC, fired bricks can be considered one of the most ancient building materials. Re-thinking such an old product can be rather intimidating, simply because history is likely to have found an original and most appropriate form for it.
My new brick for Mutina is a double hexagon- a shape, which is both geometric and organic. Beehives are modelled from hexagons – it is the most efficient geometry to achieve an almost infinitely expandable structure.

You can use HIVES in two different orientations – upright and flat. In the upright orientation, the hexagon creates the pattern of a wall. Using HIVES in a flat orientation means that the hexagonal shape determines the structure and shape of the wall.

HIVES can be laid in courses and numerous patterns, also referred to as bonds. The bricks can be laid flush with each other or in a staggered arrangement. The angels of the hexagon make it possible to build curved walls and columns.

Project assistant: Luisa Kahlfeldt (KG-Design)
Client: Mutina