Imagine a table, the simplest of tables: a top and four legs; one in each corner. The minimalistic outline of this table is made of uniform aluminium profiles and finished with a thin solid core table top. Taking a closer look at the framework reveals the table’s modular construction: each corner has a solid aluminium corner joint connecting the extruded crossbars and legs. Very long tables would have two additional joints adding a fifth and sixth leg. An even longer table can have eight legs, or twelve … and so on. FILA is an engineered system. The joints are milled not cast, which produces a seamless precision between the elements. A distinct chamfer running down the outside edge of each corner leg is FILA’s signature detail and proof of the special attention to workmanship and quality. FILA comes in a range of standard sizes or can be made to measure.
The aluminium framework is anodized in silver, gold or black. The table top in Fenix® offers an extremely durable material, which is soft to touch and anti-fingerprint.

Project assistant: Sami Ayadi (Freelance)
Producer: Plank