DIN stands for "Deutsches Institut für Normierung", which is the German Institute for Standardization.
In Germany, an A4 sheet of paper is called DIN A4.
The DIN collection for Mutina consists of 4 different tile sizes following a strictly modular logic: the largest format is a 15 x 15cm square tile; cutting it in half creates the next smaller size and so on.

The design of most buildings is based on the idea of modularity. Big boxes that are made up of smaller boxes. Modularity is used to enable diversity within a very strict framework. The concept of DIN is like that. The different tile sizes all fit into the same grid. And they can be combined to create a variety of geometries, surfaces, patterns.

There are a lot of different ways to use DIN - from very basic to highly sophisticated. You can pick just one tile size in one finish or you start combining different sizes in different colours and even vary between matt and glossy finishes.

Project assistants: Caroline Perret & Luisa Kahlfeldt
Client: Mutina