In early meetings with the two founders of AEANCE I noticed that they would combine their own brand’s technical apparel with more ready-to-wear clothes from their personal wardrobes. This, I thought, was the perfect strategy for approaching AEANCE’s Collection 03: to fill in these wardrobe gaps with garments that weren’t available from the brand before.
I made the first silhouettes by pinning pieces of canvas onto mannequins until they started to look like garments. Making a jacket is an act of construction, not unlike building a chair. The 2D material (the textile) is sculpted into a 3D form. We ended up doing 9 different garments, five for women and four for men, including coats, jackets, blazers, trousers and skirts. Each item is simplified to their fundamental proportions. They are lightweight, breathable and comfortable. Silhouettes are constructed using taped seams, laser cutting and bonding. 96% of the textiles that are used are recycled, purely natural, biodegradable or bio-based. The collection has a subtle yet strong colour palette of black, blue, grey, red and mauve.

Project assistant: Friederike Daumiller (Freelance)
Client: Aeance