It takes daring and vision to venture into a category of furniture typically associated with sturdy tool cabinets and office filing systems. The challenge was to create a design that remained true to the utilitarian genotype of this furniture, while domesticating it with carefully targeted interventions. Typecasting specific destinations in the home (kitchen, living room, bedroom, kids room etc.) laid the groundwork for what these cabinets became.
CHESS comes in a range of sizes, and offers a choice between drawers and sliding doors. The cabinets are powder coated in signal white (RAL 9003) or wine red (RAL 3005) and feature solid oak handles across all models. The wood not only provides a comfortable interface with the furniture, but also adds a tactile material in contrast to the cold metal. Solid oak is also used for the recessed pedestals, which lift the cabinets elegantly off the floor. Each model from the CHESS range can be used as an independent storage unit or as a module within a larger arrangement of cabinets.

Project assistant: Jan Heinzelmann (KGID)
Client: Magis