An exhibition entitled “Ceci n’est pas un mur” at Spazio NFQ in Milan presented new limited edition furniture pieces for Galleria Giustini/Stagetti. The title of the show quotes Magritte’s famous painting of a pipe which is known to be only a picture and not a real pipe. Referring to Magritte provokes us to question our profound perception of the objects we see.

WALL is a big vertical structure consisting of three different modules (A-1m, B-2m, C-3m) that can be stringed together in a multitude of configurations: ABC, BAC, CAB and so on. At first glance, WALL looks like the scaled-up model of a high-rise building. The open structure develops on multiple levels including intersecting vertical and horizontal trajectories, forms that alternate open and closed areas. There are elements that resemble a staircase, a supply shaft, windows. WALL isn’t simply a bookshelf even though it could be used as such. Due to its big size and formal diversity it can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the needs or the creative imagination of each individual user. WALL is made in wood and hand painted exposing the individual brush strokes. The choice of a particular shade of grey emphasizes the piece’s architectural character and notion of solidity.

Project assistants: Jan Heinzelmann (KGID) and Pascal Hien (KG Design)
Client: Galleria Giustini/Stagetti
Producer: Roberto Primiceri