CAST_1 is the start of my tenure as unofficial design curator of the 032c gallery space in Berlin. The idea behind CAST is to bring together new, forgotten, anonymous, commissioned, or reissued industrial objects and products.

On show were a special 032c edition of folded sheet metal tables DIANA_A,-B,-C (manufactured by ClassiCon) and a selection of eight historical and contemporary designs.

The lamps were: Fortebraccio by LucePlan (1998), BL_2 by Bestlite (1930), L-1 8155 by Luxo (1937), Pino T by Baltensweiler (1972), Hebi by Valenti Luce (1970), Cloe by Lumina (1975), Bill by Tobias Grau (2004), and Loft by Jieldé (1950). The special edition of DIANA tables can be inquired directly through 032c.

Producer: 032c workshop