The starting point of BENCH was a simple wooden beam to sit on. Extending both ends of the beam down to the floor creates the legs of a simple bench. The inverted U-shape looks familiar, were it not for a special detail. Seat and legs are plugged together by means of an invisible pin connection, which requires no tools for assembly or disassembly.
BENCH table was developed on the same construction principle and complements the bench harmoniously. While the bench is determined in its dimension and shape, the tables can be configured in different formats and leg positions. The timeless simplicity of the design allows BENCH and BENCH table to adapt to many different environments – public and domestic, traditional and modern, simple and elegant. The use of spruce wood, sourced from a local forestry, was a deliberate choice. It pays tribute to PLANK’s legacy as manufacturer of traditional alpine chairs.

Project assistant: Pascal Hien (KG Design)
Client: Plank