With ALLSTAR, we have developed an office chair which makes a strong reference to chairs outside the office. Its rational construction and emblematic appeal yield a form of de-acceleration from the fast-paced dynamic of most work environments. We were keen to design a chair which defies the typical office stereotype. ALLSTAR expresses a sense of familiarity and casualness which make it suited for a wide variety of settings, both professional and domestic.
ALLSTAR performs almost all functions of a fully fledged office chair: it has a five-star swivel base, an adjustable synchronised mechanism, seat depth and height adjustment, and an adjustable backrest. The large loop armrest, which shapes the identity of ALLSTAR, also represents the main structural element on which the mechanical unit of the chair is hinged.

ALLSTAR is available in different colour versions. The polyamide armrest comes in five finishes (black, white, red, blue or green) which is combined with a wide range of coloured backrests. The swivel base and seat cushion are always black.

Project assistant: Jan Heinzelmann (KGID)
Producer: Vitra