In late 2006 Absolut Vodka commissioned me to design a series of glasses to be used by professional bar tenders.
Thinking about Absolut it is inevitable that the iconic bottle (designed by Carlsson & Broman in1979) comes to mind; it’s so simple but still cannot be mistaken for anything else. This is what I wanted to transfer to the glasses, without trying to compete with the bottle. The feeling of both simplicity and distinctiveness. When you hold the glass in your hand, see it in the bar or drink from it, it gives a feeling of natural elegance.
The result is a glass series that is modern yet timeless, in which the Absolut logo is discreetly embossed in the bottom of the glass without being invisible or unclear. We took great care to balance volume and weight into a perfect form.
The ABSOLUT GRCIC series consists of four types of glasses. With the exception of the cocktail glass, all come in two sizes: Long drink glass, 20 & 33 cl, Rocks glass, 20 & 33 cl, Cocktail glass with a stem, 16 cl, Shot glass, 3 & 6 cl.

Project assistant: Sami Ayadi (KGID)
Commissioned by: Absolut in collaboration with Family Business
Producer: Rastal